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13 Stunning IKEA Hacks You Will Want to do This Weekend

People have done some amazing things with the items they purchased from IKEA, calling them IKEA Hacks.  Today I am bringing you 13 Stunning Ikea Hacks that are my favorite and I promise, will make you want to head over to the store this weekend!

If you have ever been to IKEA then you know that it’s an amazing store that has a ton of furniture and decor.  You could literally spend all day there strolling the aisles getting ideas.  That’s why they put in a restaurant!  

A pinterest pin for Ikea Hacks

I am not lying, I want to do every single one of these hacks, that’s why I am bringing them to you.  They are truly my favorite.  I will describe the item from IKEA, what the blogger did and why I want to do it.  Let’s get rolling!

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IKEA Hacks Turning a Shelving Unit into a Bench

This blogger used the Expedit shelving unit which isn’t available anymore, now it’s the Kallax.  But she turned the shelving unit on its side, added legs (also from IKEA called Capita legs) and created this bench.  At this point, you can do a cushion in whatever fabric you like and add cute fabric totes for storage.  You can really customize this to your home.

Ikea hacks, a shelving unit turned on it's side to create a bench.

Mommy Vignettes

I would love to create this in my Mom’s house in her small mudroom.  When you walk into her house from the garage the washer and dryer are on the left but on the right, she has a small bench and a shelving unit which is super old.  She puts a ton of stuff in there and it’s a disaster area sometimes.

I would like to do this bench, add another shelving unit on the end standing on top of the bench.  So you don’t lose the vertical storage but still get the seating.  

Then add a bunch of hooks above the seat for her to hang her coat, or the dog’s leash on.  I think that would look really nice.  Maybe even put some shiplap up in there too.  I did shiplap in my laundry room and it was so easy, you can check that post out here.

IKEA Hacks Creating Built-Ins

I have seen this hack a ton on Pinterest and they all amaze me!  I have a love for built-ins but I have none in my house, never have.  

This blogger took a nook in her home and added 4 Billy Bookcases, trim, and lots of paint to create an amazing space in her room for storage and display.

IKEA Hack, turning book cases from Ikea into builtins.

11 Magnolia Lane

Eventually, when my oldest has her own place and is all settled, I would like to make her bedroom a combo bedroom/office for me.  There is one wall where I could do this and I think it would be great for an office.  Lot’s of places to put books and pretty decor.  

I might even add the cabinet doors that go with the Billy bookcases to create closed storage for the bottom.  What’s great about this is you can use as many of these bookcases as you want for the space you have.

IKEA Hacks Using the Spice Rack

The Bekvan spice rack is $5.  Yes, that’s right just 5 bucks!  I have seen so many uses for this product.  

Here you can see how this blogger used it to hold books and toys in her nursery, then turned it upside down to hang clothes.  

I have also seen this to hold nail polish, makeup, all sorts of things.  That bar in the front is great because it keeps whatever you are storing on it from falling.

Ikea hack, take the spice rack and use it in a nursery for books and toys, or turn it over and use it to hang clothes.

City Mom

IKEA Hacks Using the Tarva 6 Drawer Chest

This is another one where you can see lots of different hacks all over Pinterest.  The neat thing about the Tarva, or the Rast (which is a smaller version, more like a nightstand) is that they are almost like a bare piece of furniture just calling your name to do something amazing with it.

I love that this blogger had a dresser from West Elm that she wanted so she recreated it using the Tarva.

Ikea hack, creating a knock off West Elm dresser from a pine dresser from IKEA

Kristina Lynne

I just love the simplicity of what she did here.  I love certain elements of mid-century design and this is one of them.  

The clean lines and pretty tapered legs, the fact that it’s white while the base is wood.  I love that.  

IKEA Hacks Using the Pax Wardrobe

I have two examples here on how to use the Pax, not as a wardrobe.  Here the blogger transformed them to use in her kitchen as a pantry.  

This created an amazing wall of storage for a kitchen, wouldn’t that be amazing.  She also ran electrical cords into the pantry to be able to work small appliances.  What a great way to clear up the clutter on the counters too!

IKEA hack creating a pantry from the pax wardrobe.

Jenna Sue Design

This idea for the Pax stopped me dead in my tracks.  Using it in a family room is such a great idea.  You can put anything in here!!!!  

Blankets, pillows, games, toys, overflow from another room.  The possibilities are endless.  

I just absolutely love the color she painted it and the gold handles.  The contrast of light and dark really pleases my eye and I really love this.

IKEA Hack, taking the Pax wardrobe and creating a pantry from it. Also painting it a stunning dark gray color white pops off all the other white cabinetry.

The Vintage Rug Shop

IKEA Hacks Using the Rast

We talked before about the Tarva, well here is the Rast.  Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at it!  This blogger got really creative with the drawers and created a place for storage of bowls on top and potatoes and onions below.  

We don’t have spots in our cellar as our grandparents did to store these things and if you have a large garden you need a place to store them so they don’t go bad.  This is a great idea and I love the addition of wood to the top and pretty display space.

IKEA Hack, taking a dresser and creating a place to put potatoes and onions in the drawers but adding mesh to the fronts of the drawers.

Stow and Tell U

Ikea Hacks Using the Ekbe Valter Bracket

Ikea hack using a bracket for a shelf to create a holder for a cord and light fixture.

Nalle’s House

If you love farmhouse decor then this light fixture will really appeal to you.  The bracket is from IKEA and you can find these light fixtures in a lot of places.  

Walmart has one and so does Wayfair.  My friend Melissa over at Create and Find created a similar light fixture as sconces beside her bed.  She actually built the bracket herself, you can do that or just grab this guy from IKEA.

IKEA Hack Using Grundtal Mirror

Ikea hack, taking a mirror and adding eye bolts and rope to create a nautical hanging mirror.

Apartment Therapy

This gorgeous mirror was made using the Grundtal mirror, rope, a doorknob, and eye hooks.  So simple and cost less than $50!  

I think this looks so sophisticated and is a perfect hack to the inspiration from Restoration Hardware.  I am dreaming of having this anywhere in my house!

IKEA Hacks Using the Marius Stool

Ikea hack using a stool that was spray painted gold and adding a pillow to the top to make a pink fluffy cushion.


I actually did my own IKEA Hack with this stool and a slice of wood.  It sits on my front porch next to a bench and holds a little faux succulent.  This one is so much prettier though! 😂

A pretty pink cushion on a gold base bench.

Style Me Pretty

This is another example of a great place for seating in a bedroom.  Perfect for when your kiddo has friends over or when the dog needs a place to perch!

IKEA Hack with Curtains

Ikea hack, painting stripes on white curtains from ikea.

Jenna Burger

I encourage you to check out this post because the difference between the curtains all white and with the pinstripe is amazing!  I love this look.  

IKEA has THE BEST curtains, hands down people.  They are very inexpensive and so versatile.  I have the Rivka in my dining room and I hung them as pinch pleat curtains.  

I also have them in my breakfast nook and will be adding to the family room and just hanging with clips so they are easy to open and close and cover a good space.  These need to be for privacy whereas the dining room is more for decoration.

Here is a post on Rivka curtains talking about all the details on what I love.

IKEA Hack Using the Bekvam Stool

IKEA Hacks, two little girls standing on stools modified so they are safe working at the kitchen counter.

Happy Grey Lucky

I am sorry, isn’t this the cutest picture ever!!!  Makes me wish I had littles again!!!  

Anyway, back to the topic Wendy…LOL…these are learning towers.  Using the Bekvam stool and a little extra wood she was able to create something for her kids to be able to get up to the counter without the worry of them falling.  

I think this is genius.  No, I don’t need a learning tower for my 21 and 18-year-old but someday I might have grandkids and if I do I am totally making one of these!

So now you want to make a trip to IKEA right?!  I know I do!

Ikea Hacks pin for Pinterest.

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These are fantastic!! I’m especially loving that mirror!!


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