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Farmhouse Laundry Room Shiplap Walls and Other Finishing Touches

I am finishing my laundry room shiplap walls this week and many other finishing touches. It’s the final push to finish the $100 Room Challenge and I feel like the room is really coming together.

In case you don’t know anything about the challenge, it was started by Erin at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry. The idea is to redo a room in your home in one month for less than $100. 

Last September I created a Farmhouse Style Coffee Bar in my breakfast nook.  And this time I am redoing my laundry room!  The biggest addition is shiplap on the walls.  If you missed other weeks you can check them out here: 

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Let’s Recap

I painted the walls white, they were a dark gray, like the ceiling is.  I also spray-painted the plastic box where the water hookups are.  It was an ugly beige.

The gray walls have been painted white.

I also bought my shiplap and had it cut.

here is the wood cut and ready for purchase at the hardware store.

Then I installed my shiplap.  Not gonna lie, it took alllll weekend.  It wasn’t all that hard but working in a tight space with a washer and dryer to maneuver around was not easy.

The laundry room shiplap walls are installed.

Laundry Room Shiplap Walls

Okay, so this week is when the magic happened!  Paint can make the world of a difference and this week was no different.  All that shiplap got puttied/sanded and caulked and painted! 

I did two coats with the roller and four coats on the corners of the wall where I had to cut in with the paintbrush. 

The shiplap walls have been caulked in the corners and the nail holes are puttied in preparation for painting.
The shiplap walls are painted.
The shiplap walls are pianted.

To download a  PDF tutorial on how to install shiplap using this method click here.

How to install shiplap
The shiplap is painted and the washer and dryer is back in the "laundry closet".

Other Finishing Touches

I also put the new handles on the doors, they were larger so I had to putty one hole and drill a new hole.  I am soooo messy with this and I still need to do a second coat but here are the materials and final look….well, almost final.

This shows that one of the holes is not in the right place for the new door handles.
Here is one of the door handles puttied.
I sanded the wood putty and drilled a new hole for the handles.
This shows the new handles installed and the previous hole is wood puttied.l
The shiplap is painted and the new silver door handles are installed.

So what do you think?  Big difference isn’t it?!?!  I am so happy with the result, I can’t even explain how happy I am.

Still To Do

Install spacers and put outlet/light switch plates back on.

Finish DIY shelf and install.

Fix hinges.

Finish door handles.

DIY/purchase wall decor and shelf decor.

After I put the boards up the outlet and the light switch are a little too much recessed.  After a quick google/youtube search I discovered I need to get spacers and that should take care of it.

We decided not to get new hinges because after some research we found out these are adjustable.  I got the new door handles from Ikea, purchased a piece of wood for a shelf (1X8), and I am going to use it to make a DIY laundry sign.  I am in the process of staining the shelf, here is a photo of that process!

This 1x8 piece of wood is being stained to go into my farmhouse laundry room.

Money Spent This Week

Wood for shelf – $9.12

Spacers – $2.47

Door handles – $11.98

Wall Brackets – $1.00

Total amount this week spent – $24.57

Total amount spent – $78.78

It may look like I am almost done but if you look at that list there is still a lot to do.  The next week is going to be busy!  It’s all punch list items….I think they call it a punch list because you want to punch yourself just thinking of all the things on the list!  😂😂😂

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I hope you love the laundry room shiplap walls! Stick around and see what comes next week for the FINAL REVEAL!!  And don’t forget to check out all the other amazing participants in the $100 Room Challenge.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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Wednesday 31st of January 2018

This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm obsessed with shiplap. It's very rustic and clean, something I'd love to have in my future home.


Thursday 1st of February 2018

Thank you so much Nichole!

Ally Byrd

Wednesday 31st of January 2018

I love this! You did a great job especially workin such a tight spot. I know how hard that can be. Paint truly does make such a difference.


Wednesday 31st of January 2018

Thank you so much Ally! I am so glad you like it. Paint cures everything!


Tuesday 30th of January 2018

What a beautiful makeover! :)


Tuesday 30th of January 2018

Thank you Heidi!

Colleen Pausley

Monday 29th of January 2018

This looks amazing and was well worth the effort!! It will make the final product that much sweeter when you look back at all your hard work. Can't wait to see it!


Monday 29th of January 2018

Thanks Colleen, I sure hope you are right!

Natalie @ NeliDesign

Thursday 25th of January 2018

It's amazing Wendy. It really looked like you did your shiplap with a jigsaw. I'm really in love with your laundry room!


Thursday 25th of January 2018

Thanks Natalie! That's one of the best compliments I could get!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.