$100 Room Challenge, The Laundry Room

I am so excited to be part of the $100 Room Challenge again and this time I am redoing the Laundry Room!  Last September I renovated my breakfast nook by adding a Fixer Upper inspired coffee bar!!!!  It turned out so well that I am participating again and this time I am tackling the laundry room.  Many thanks to Erin over at Lemons, Lavender and Laundry for coordinating this awesome challenge!  Now on to the $100 Room Challenge, The Laundry Room!


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The Existing Laundry Room

I have more of a laundry closet, and it’s dark and not very user friendly.  I had this great from facing washer and dryer but when we moved in I couldn’t open the doors all the way because there just wasn’t enough room.   Last year we bought new ones (not because they didn’t fit but because they were on their last leg) so I opted for a top loader instead for functionality.

Laundry Room


The lovely deocr on the walls was a cheap DIY I did in my old house because I needed something up for selling it.  I took a canvas from Michael’s and some peel and stick wallpaper and voila!  Instant DIY decor.

Laundry Room


As you can see the walls are dark gray and in need of some touch ups.

Laundry Room


Taking a close look at the doors of the cabinets you will see not only ugly hardware but they don’t close properly.  I think the hinges are worn out, 33 years will do that I guess.

Laundry Room


The Laundry Room Plan

I was checking out the peel and stick wallpaper available at Target, I saw someone used it last challenge and I really liked the look of it and they have a great one that looks just like shiplap!  I was upset when I saw the price, for the amount of space I was going to use it for it would have broke the bank.  So I remembered that a coworker installed shiplap for cheap, instead of taping and mudding the drywall he put up.  So I picked his brain and now we will be installing our own shiplap, on a budget of course!


The Process

Week one, paint the walls white.  I don’t want dark showing through the cracks in between the boards so the walls need to be painted white before I can install the shiplap.

Week two, install shiplap.  I plan on using underlayment, cut at the store in 6 inch strips, pretty sure I can get away with 3 4×8 sheets.  I will then install them using my brand new finish nailer!!!  Can’t wait to test that guy out!

Week three, paint the new shiplap.

Week four, style the space.  I am thinking of putting up a shelf over the dryer and I really want to incorporate a trash can for lint.  Right now I am carrying it across the house to the bathroom to throw away.  And I would just love a cute Laundry sign, I may DIY this I am not sure.


Materials Needed

White paint – already have some on hand

Painting supplies – already have on hand



Hinges for the doors

Hardware for the doors



I have priced out some things, I am definitely getting the hinges and hardware from IKEA.  For the decor I think Hobby Lobby has some cute stuff, depends on how I am with the budget, I may have to DIY it.  And for the underlayment I priced it at Home Depot for $14 a sheet, I am going to check out Menards to see if they have it cheaper.  As far as paint supplies, I tend to buy roller covers in bulk so I don’t have to run to the store all the time.  And for the paint, I honestly have no idea what the finish is.  I was so stupid when I used this paint the first time, I let it drip all down the front so I don’t know if it’s latex, semi gloss or satin……I am just going to go with it though!  Such a risk taker! 😂




So that’s the plan, I hope you stick with me and come back next week to see how I am doing.  I truly hate painting laundry rooms, trying to get around the washer and dryer is so hard.  Really is back breaking work so I guess I should be happy that it’s not a huge space!  LOL, not really but that’s okay.  Please check out all the other amazing bloggers participating in this $100 Room Challenge!  I promise you won’t be disappointed by their talent!

36 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge, The Laundry Room

  1. You know I love some shiplap!! I’m so excited to see this space when you’re done. You have such great plans and it’ll be just as fabulous as your coffee bar!

    1. Thank you so much friend! I am so excited to see what you do in your kids space! I just hope my shiplap looks as good as the way yours turned out!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I hope it turns out well, last time I was in this challenge I didn’t plan very well so I am working hard to remedy that. So far so good, but it is only the first week!!!

  2. I’ve used the underlayment shiplap treatment and it’s so fast and easy. And cheap. You’ll love it. Can’t wait to see your finished room!

    1. Thanks Meredith! Laundry rooms are usually the last on the list but so important in the overall look of the home. Especially when it’s right across from the main floor powder room like mine is….everyone can see it!

    1. Oh no! Well, hopefully all goes well. I think that I am doing well on time but we will see how the budget goes! Might have to diy a lot of decor!

  3. Awesome! So neat we are both doing Shiplap. We just picked up all our supplies. I’m hoping it will be easy since its just one feature wall that has nothing else on it! Cant wait to see what this looks like in the end!

    1. If you are just doing a feature wall then you should be good to go. I did the whole room this weekend and it was very difficult because of all the outlets and plugs to cut around, not to mention the cabinets! UGH! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

    1. Thanks so much Erin! I watched your clip on the Jason show yesterday and I might just try that trick with the Laundry sign! I will let you know if I do! Thanks so much for coordinating this challenge, it’s so fun!

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