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30+ Amazing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas that are Inspirational

Christmas trees really warm my heart, so I have put together over 30 amazing Christmas tree decorating ideas and I hope they inspire you to create something wonderful this year.

When I walk into my friend’s home this time of year I am immediately drawn to their Christmas Tree.  The Christmas tree is the one thing that pretty much everyone who celebrates Christmas has and it’s such fun to see how people decorate them.  I love looking at the color scheme or the children’s ornaments. 

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas pin for Pinterest.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

I think the reason I love Christmas trees and seeing how others decorate them is because anything goes!  You can do anything when decorating a tree.  You can use any color scheme, any tree topper, ribbon, pearls, anything!!!!  And let me tell you, I have some really cool trees to share with you.

One decorating trend that is really coming back in style is flocking.  That is basically making a tree look like it’s covered in snow.  I don’t know why this ever went out of style, I mean, who doesn’t like looking at a pine tree covered in snow?

Another trend that I am loving is not having only one tree but 2 or more!!!  Yes, I hear you, mind blown!  🤗 I know my mind was blown!  I am trying to think of reasons to tell my husband why we need more than one tree now.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Now just because I call these traditional doesn’t mean they are boring. These trees are stunning and they are all different which makes them all special. Without further ado, let’s get started loving on these gorgeous trees!

This Christmas tree has jewel toned ornaments and tons of lights.


I love the simplicity of this tree and the way she uses different colored balls, not exactly traditional Christmas colors but it works perfectly!

This Christmas tree has burlap ribbon and lots of star ornaments.


I love starfish so this tree spoke to me at first glance.  And the burlap ribbon with the red accents is just perfect!

This Christmas tree has what looks like electric candles and pinecones hanging from black and white ribbon.


This reminds me of old movies when you see a Christmas tree with real candles.  Obviously, these aren’t real but I think that it’s done so well and really creates a nice memory.

A Christmas tree with sheet music and poinsettias on it with a burlap ribbon garland.


This tree is pretty and very rustic.  I love the big poinsettias and the pinecones together.

A Christmas tree with tons of different ornaments next to a fireplace.


This Christmas tree is a little more transitional in color but what a neat idea to use a banner as the garland!  That’s so neat!

A Christmas tree with packages below in black and white buffalo check and red plaid.


Red, white, plaid, and buffalo check are staples in Christmas decorating anymore.  This tree and the packages are covering all those bases.

A Christmas tree with plaid ribbon and white and silver ornmanets.


This one reminds me of the one my Mother in Law always does.  She has a thing for snowmen and there are a lot of snowmen on this one!  I love the feeling of home you get in this photo too.  Like being there is like being home.

A Christmas tree with tons of ribbon in white gold and burgundy.


Kelley is one of my favorite bloggers.  Her tree is gorgeous!  I love the colors she has used and the way she decorates the tree with ribbon is amazing.

A Christmas tree with sage green, white and silver ball ornaments.


Gold and turquoise, perfect colors for a Christmas tree.  Kind of reminds me of the beach!

A Christmas Tree with plaid ribbon and a large "Merry Christmas" ornament near the top.


This is the tree I always had growing up.  With red and gold, lots of ornaments.  This brings back memories.

A Christmas Tree with gold ribbon and green and white ball ornaments


What color green would you call this?  I don’t really know but I love it with gold and white.  The secret to using non-traditional Christmas colors is to do it up.  She uses a lot of the green color throughout the tree but also in the throw blanket on the couch.  I know that green is a traditional color but not this shade, but I love it!

A Christmas tree with lots of lights and no ornaments next to a stone fireplace.

The Holtz House

Simple and beautiful!  Lauren does it well in her family room.  The tree, the mantel and I just love those stockings!

A Christmas Tree with plaid ribbon and red balls.


The red and black plaid on the tree is mimicked in the other decor which is such a good idea!  Bringing a theme throughout your holiday decor is a smart way to bring everything together.

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas Trees


Remember earlier when I mentioned flocking, she does this perfectly!  I also love all the neutral decor.  She let the tree be the showstopper and the rest of the room is neutral but with a ton of texture.  LOVE THIS!

A flocked Christmas tree with white fluffy garland and white and silver balls.


Hello flocking!  This tree looks like it was sitting outside on Christmas eve!  It looks absolutely gorgeous and with the gray bulbs and silver ornaments, I could take this one home for sure!

A flocked Christmas tree with sheet music ornaments and plaid ribbon.


I love the ribbon on this tree, and she carried it over to the gifts underneath.  What a clever idea!  The addition of sheets of music is really neat too.  

A flocked Christmas tree with gold balls and ribbon.


Another beautifully flocked Christmas tree but this time with gold accents in the ornaments.  I also love how she carried the theme over to the mantel.

A flocked Christmas tree with burlap ribbon garland and red and white ornaments.


This tree really speaks to me. I love the flocking and the red and white accents.  This is one I would want in my home. I am definitely taking some ideas Kelly used here and incorporating them in my tree this year!

A flocked Christmas tree next to a fireplace and everything is decorated in muted tones.


When I see this tree the first thing that comes to mind is elegance.  This tree is elegantly decorated.  I think the gold and pink with the flocked tree are gorgeous!

A flocked Christmas tree with plaid ribbon and natural accents.


As far as flocking goes, this Christmas tree is the best!  I have never flocked a tree before but I know if I did it wouldn’t look this good!  She is a professional.  And the added pops of color against the white are amazing.

A flocked Christmas tree with red and white striped ribbon and lots of red accents.


Red and white ticking ribbon, we haven’t seen that before but I believe we will be seeing more of it!  I love it.

A flocked Christmas tree in a room with a gallery wall behind it.


Another beautifully flocked tree with really pretty snowflakes on it.  I am not ready for snow but on this tree it’s perfect!

A flocked Christmas tree with red balls and gold ornaments.


I am loving the pop of color on this tree.  It really draws your eye!

A flocked Christmas tree with white and black striped ribbon and gold balls.


Two things I love about this tree, the tree topper is amazing and I bet it was a DIY, could be something you can do.  And I love how many balls are used on this tree.  It’s packed but in a reaaallly good way!

A Christmas tree in front of a large window that is decorated with white, pink and gold.


If you aren’t familiar with Summer Adams then you should know she loves pink!  So it only fits that she would have a pink-themed Christmas tree.  It’s absolutely stunning!

Rooms with Multiple Trees or Unique Trees

A white Christmas tree with jewel toned ornaments.


This is the tree of my daughter’s dreams!  One, it’s white and two, look at the amazing colors she has used!  I feel like it’s just so vibrant and fun!

Two flocked Christmas trees with white and red accents.


Okay, hello!  Two trees!  I actually think she has another on the other side of the fireplace.  this is so cool!  Multiple trees in one room is definitely a trend I don’t see going away any time soon!

A flocked Christmas tree with large snowflakes and white garland.


This Christmas tree takes the award for the best tree topper!  The owl and the beautiful backdrop for the owl are perfect!

A flocked Christmas tree that is decorated with owls and other items from nature.


This woodland creation is lovely!  I love all the owls tucked into the branches.  And the red plaid ribbon gives the added color it needs.

A christmas tree decorated with lolli pops and gingerbread men.


This is a child’s dream!  It kind of reminds me of Willy Wonka where anything goes.  Lots of pattern and texture.  I love how it sits right near the kitchen too!

Christmas Trees on either side of a buffet table with framed music prints on the wall above the table.


Haha!  Two trees again, I love it.  My favorite thing here is the symmetry. And the gorgeous stockings hanging from the table in between the trees.

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I hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful photos and am super thankful for all the wonderful ladies who allowed me to share them with you!  Pin it for later so you don’t forget anything! ⬇⬇

Christmas tree decorating ideas pin for Pinterest.

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Debbie @mauiinmyheart

Wednesday 20th of December 2017

So many beautiful trees! I love seeing how everyone decorates their trees! Thank you so much for including our tree! ❤️


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Oh Debbie it was my pleasure! I just loved your tree!

Heidi @cloverlycottage

Tuesday 19th of December 2017

SO many gorgeous trees!!! I always enjoying seeing how people decorate their trees (and their homes) for the the holidays. It always interesting to see the ornaments and hear the stories. Thank you so much for including our tree!!!


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Heidi it was my pleasure. Your tree is truly beautiful!


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

Wow! Every single one of these Christmas trees are stunning!!!


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

I know Suzie! It makes me want to do multiple trees all over my house just so I can do them all differently!

Nicole | Glamorously You

Tuesday 19th of December 2017

Why do I love the trees that are jam-packed with ornaments so much?! haha they are so beautiful.


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

Haha, I know what you mean Nicole. I love all the ornaments, then I see some that are simple with only a few then I want to do that! I need like 10 trees in my house to do everything I want. I hope you have a very Happy Holiday!

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