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40+ Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas that will put you in the Spirit

I have gathered some amazing Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas that will definitely put you in the spirit of the season! If you love farmhouse decor then you will want to see what I have for you here today. These ideas will help you to infuse that farmhouse you love into your Christmas decorating.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor pin

Decorating for the holidays is a lot of fun but each year I try to change things up a bit.  This year I want to incorporate more Modern Farmhouse Style into my decor.

I have a post that explains how to incorporate Farmhouse Style into your home but today we are taking some of those specific elements and talking about ideas on how to incorporate them into your Christmas Decorating!

*This post contains affiliate links.  For more details see my full disclosure.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

There are several elements of Farmhouse style and I will break it down by each element.

Farmhouse Christmas Signs

Farmhouse Signs are a staple in Farmhouse Decor and today we are looking at how to use this in the Christmas theme.  I love all the colors, some are vintage and some are new.

If you don’t have the money or the skills to DIY a farmhouse sign you can look online and get a printable and put it in a frame and there you go! Check out my Christmas Printables here.

*Just in case you don’t know a printable is a picture that someone has created and all you have to do is print it out!  Usually, they email it to you so you have it right there on your computer.*

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, our home believes sign on a plaid scarf

Where the Smiles Have Been

I love these little farmhouse signs that can be used almost anywhere in your home to decorate for the holidays!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, Fresh cut Christmas tree sign and small christmas tree

Michelle’s Party Plan It

Another cute farmhouse sign that is a little bigger than the one before but still a great option for decorating any room in the home.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a JOY sign with a wreath for the O

Making Manzanita

This is a super easy DIY and Making Manzanita describes in-depth how to do it. You don’t need a ton of tools for this one!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor a farmhouse sign with a. red station wagon with a christmas tree on top

House by the Preserve

Printables are an awesome option for decorating your home!

Farmhouse Christmas sign with a tree and a wreath on it

Craftaholics Anonymous

I think this sign is super cute and if you have leftover wood laying around this could be a great DIY to clean all that up!

Farmhouse christmas decor, a farmhouse christmas sign

Unoriginal Mom

You can’t go wrong with the old-fashioned red truck! I love these printables and farmhouse signs.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, farmhouse signs with red and white stripes

Craftaholics Anonymous

You can’t get much more farmhouse than ticking stripes and cows. I love how these are put together, and the ticking in red really brings in the holiday spirit.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, farmhouse christmas tree sign

The houseful of Handmade Christmas

This last one is my favorite!  I did a wood sign this summer for the American Flag and I feel like I could totally DIY this sign, with the help of her amazing tutorial of course.  

*Update – I did create something similar! I made a reversible Christmas/Fall sign that you totally should check out! It was so easy and the fact that it’s reversible cut down on costs and storage space. Here is the sign I did for Christmas.

A Christmas wood sign on my mantle with pine garland.

Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch

The first place your guests see when they come to your house is your front porch so why not make it as festive as you can!

I think you will notice a theme here….plaid, old-fashioned sleds, pretty plant containers with natural greens, and amazing wreaths!

At Lane and High

This is my front porch from last year. I added lots of winter greens in the pots and garland above the door. A large grapevine wreath with greens and ribbon make the front door welcoming. And I also have the sled with pretty ribbon and greens. The bench has this great long lumbar pillow that I bought from a local small business called Bakers Garden Village. I am loving all these elements together.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Beautiful front door swag

Gardener’s Path

This swag has all the perfect elements for the front door at Christmas.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor a beautiful front porch with a sled, wood for a fire and small christmas trees.

Twelve on Main

The thrifted items here really make this front porch amazing.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor on a front porch with a planter using christmas greens

Gardener’s Path

This unique porch planter can be used all winter long! For the holidays you have the red touches and ribbon then for the winter you can remove that and have the plants out. As long as you aren’t in the artic tundra of course!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a hoop wreath with the word joy written on it

Mom Envy

These embroidery hoop wreaths are all the rage right now.  In her post, she explains exactly how she created this.  It’s so cute you should check it out!

Farmhouse Christmas decor front porch with a beautiful garland all around the front door

Our Southern Home

I love the garland above the door and this doorway is so unique! The Noel sign and sled also add some beautiful farmhouse touches.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor - a front entry with a christmas tree, rocking chair and lots of red decor

The Everyday Home Blog

Plaid blanket, reindeer pillow, and a grain sack pillow with ticking….umm yes! That screams farmhouse and makes me want to curl up in that rocker and have a cup of tea.

Farmhouse Christmas decor front porch with a rocking chair and a christmas planter

House of Hawthornes

I just love this planter. It’s fabulous! And the pine cone wreath is beautiful. My parents had a pine cone wreath when I was growing up and it was always a big deal when we got it out to hang it up.

After seeing these photos I need a rocking chair on my porch!

Farmhouse Christmas Entryway

Immediately after your front porch, you enter the foyer or entryway.  This is a great place to decorate and give your guests a “preview” of what’s to come in your home!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a Front entryway with a bench and lovely christmas decorations

Twelve on Main

Church pews recycled as benches are so popular in farmhouse style. I also love the thrifted suitcase and the ticking on the pillow. This entryway is so pretty!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, an entryway with a christmas tree, welcome sign and lots of wreaths and ribbon

Worthing Court Blog

The tobacco basket on the front door with greenery and skates is so cute! I also love the little rocking chair and holiday signs. This space is so welcoming.

Farmhouse christmas decor front entry with a plaid bag, red truck with christmas tree, garland and christmas trees sign

Refresh Restyle

Buffalo check screams farmhouse style. Add to that the galand and old red truck, this entryway is so stunning.

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen and Dining Room

I love adding Christmas to the dining room. Tablescapes really make me happy and what better time to create a wonderful table setting than at the holidays!

I recently started adding Christmas decor to my kitchen and I love it! I spend so much time in there during the holidays cooking, baking, and entertaining so bringing the holidays into this room just makes sense.

Marble Countertops, white subway tile and lots of red touches in my Christmas Kitchen Decorations.

At Lane and High

My goal in my kitchen was to add lots of touches of red. My kitchen is pretty white and gray so adding color really brought the holidays into the space perfectly.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, pretty tables cape in neutral colors

Making Manzanita

Using neutrals to decorate for the holidays is something that is very popular in farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a Mrs. Claus cookie tray with cookies and milk

Pink Fortitude

This is such a cute DIY tray that she gives a great tutorial on.  What a great gift idea don’t you think?

Farmhouse Christmas decor a tiered tray with pinecones and sleigh bells on it.

Centsible Chateau

Tiered trays are an essential element of farmhouse decor, check out my How to Incorporate Farmhouse Decor into your home for more details on that.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a dining room with a beautiful table setting and wreath on a hutch

AE Home Style Life

Clean, simple, and beautiful.  That’s what I think of when I see this.  I LOVE that wreath on the cabinet!

Vintage Christmas decor, plaid metal tins, a wreath and stocking

House of Hawthornes

Farmhouse style is all about using old items to decorate your space. Here you can see the old canisters and how well they go together for the perfect holiday style.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a kitchen with lots of red and white ribbon and green wreaths

Worthing Court Blog

See what I was saying earlier, why haven’t I decorated my kitchen earlier?! 😫 It’s so pretty!!!!!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a dining room with lots of red and white decor, beautiful plats on display and mugs on a sideboard

Worthing Court Blog

Suzy takes all the elements from her kitchen and incorporates them into her dining room. The plaid, the ribbon with stipes on them and the touches of nature are just so pretty.

Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room. White and red theme

A Brick Home

My friend Marly uses lots of touches of nature and pops of red to decorate her dining room.

Farmhouse Christmas Family Room

This is the room I usually go hog wild in, for decorating of course!

This is where my tree goes and I have my mantel so this is the concentration of holiday cheer.  I love some of the neat DIY’s you will see here and great Farmhouse Christmas Decor ideas for your tree and even for wrapping your gifts!

At Lane and High

I went a little crazy this past year with garland. I love how it brings nature into the home. Here is my reversible farmhouse sign too that I just love! I am working on one for my entryway too!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a Believe sign hanging on a spindle above a couch

Making Manzanita

Upcycling items and using them in a different capacity is another element of farmhouse style. I love the baluster that they use to hang the wood letters.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor a farmhouse mantel with table top christmas trees

Create and Find

Melissa loves vintage items and the boxes that she DIY’d for the little Christmas trees are the perfect touch for her mantel.

Farmhouse Christmas decor - here is a christmas tree with packages under and lots of buffalo check going on. Buffalo check christmas decor

An Extraordinary Day

I love the farmhouse touches here in the buffalo check, vintage red truck and galvanized bucket holding the poinsettia.

Farmhouse christmas Decor pillows one says merry and the other has a deer silhouette on it

My Life From Home

This is a great example of incorporating neutrals into your holiday decor.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Olive bucket with branches, skates by a fireplace

Giggles Galore

Galvanized buckets and vintage skates are sure to bring farmhouse into your home.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor a beautiful reclaimed wood mantel with DIY wood christmas trees, stockings and a bunch of christmas trees.

The Country Chic Cottage

This rustic wood mantel is so pretty and I love the striped stockings!

Farmhouse christmas decor gold and mint green ornaments with garland

Giggles Galore

Shiplap is a staple in modern farmhouse style. Adding the hanging ornaments brings the perfect touch of holiday to your home.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor simple garland, pillows and decor on a window frame

Houseful of Handmade

Using recycled materials is perfect and this old widow makes the perfect backdrop to your holiday decor.

Other Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

Here are some other things you can do, use nature in a vase or bucket, create a vignette, decorate your bedroom with neutral Christmas decor, and even DIY an advent calendar.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, a bucket with tree branches and berries in it.

Souly Rested

Farmhouse Christmas decor, tabletop decor from the dollar store.

A Mom’s Impression

Farmhouse Christmas Decor bedroom decor with wreath and table top tree

Making it in the Mountains

Farmhouse Christmas Decor - diy tabletop christmas tree

Michelle’s Party 

Farmhouse Christmas Decor, an advent calendar in the shape of a christmas tree.

Making Manzanita

I hope you are inspired to do some amazing Farmhouse Christmas decor in your home this holiday season.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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farmhouse christmas decor pin

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Friday 9th of November 2018

Wendy! This post makes me want to get out all the Christmas stuff right this second! So many great ideas and beautiful decorations! We used to put up three trees (four if you count a tiny one in the dining room). But. It's so much work that this year I think I'm sticking with the big one in the living room and my tiny one in the dining room.


Thursday 29th of November 2018

Four Trees!!! Wow! You need to tell me your secret on how to get Dave to agree to that! LOL

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.