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17 Amazing Mantel Decorations for Christmas You Don’t Want to Miss

I am back with more Christmas decorating ideas for you!  Today I am sharing some Amazing Mantel Decorations for Christmas that you won’t want to miss!

Mantel decorations for Christmas pin for Pinterest.

Today we are starting off with ideas for people who mount their TV on their fireplace, therefore, making it hard to decorate the mantel.

Then we will go into advice for people who don’t have fireplaces!  How do they create that cozy atmosphere (and where do you hang those important stockings)?  We’ve got you covered!

Then we get into the traditional type of Mantel and you will see tons of ideas there.  Let’s get started!

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Mantel Decorations around a TV

It is a very popular thing to hang your TV above your mantel.  I get asked a lot, how do I decorate around this massive TV so I don’t block it?  Well, I have a few amazing examples of how you can do that, decorate your mantel without blocking the TV.  Because we all know that those Hallmark Movies need to be seen, right?!

This brown stone fireplace has a wood mantel and a tv on it.  There is a garland on the mantel in front of the tv and two black lanterns flanking the tv.

Love Create Celebrate

The simple garland across the mantel, below the TV, is pretty and classic.  I love that this one has lights, sets the mood for those Holiday classics!  You will notice that she added lots of decor on the floor around the fireplace, that’s a great way to jazz things up when you can’t put it on the mantel.

This fireplace has a tv mounted on the wall above with a white frame, a garland hanging in the front of the mantel with white sweater stockings.

Lovely Etc

Here Carrie also added garland but brought it down in front of the mantel, a very nice idea.  And I also love how she elevated the candelabras on the ends of the mantel with books.  Great way to add height where you need it.  I love the color of this fireplace, and all the white accents are gorgeous.

This white painted brick fireplace has two garlands with different kinds of greenery, one on the top of the mantel and one hanging in front.

Cottage at the Crossroads

What’s better than one garland?  TWO!  I love the way she put a garland across the top and hung one down below too!  This mantel is gorgeous because it’s all items from nature with pops of red.  I love the green bows on the edges of the mantel too.  This is just stunning!

This white mantel has a tv sitting on top with a garland in front and a small sign that says Christmas.

The Happy Housie

And our final photo of mantels with TVs mounted above.  This one is so cozy, I love all the plaid!  Again, a simple garland across the top and flanked on the ends by two small Christmas trees.  Very beautiful and gives a warm holiday feel.

Ideas for those with No Mantel

Not everyone has a mantel, and so what are you supposed to do with all those stockings?  Well, here are some great ideas for those of you without a mantel.

This painted black piano is acting as a mantel with 5 white stockings hanging from the top of it.

Cherished Bliss

If you have a piano then use the top as if it were a mantel!  You can add all the usual decor and hang your stockings from the top.  You wouldn’t even know this wasn’t a fireplace until you see the piano bench!

This family room has a console table under the mounted tv that acts as a mantel.

Cherished Bliss

Here is another great idea if you don’t have a mantel, use a console table.  You can easily hang your stockings from here.  Just beware that if you have a dog, you don’t want to put any candy in there too early!

Traditional Mantel Decorations

So if you have a fireplace and don’t mount your TV above it, here are some great ideas for you.  You will find farmhouse to modern decor and everything in between!

This white mantel is decorated in all neutral tones with lots of nature inspiration.

Twelve on Main

I love the neutral farmhouse style of this mantel.  And what a neat idea to put a sprig of a pine tree with the stockings.  I bet that helps add a nice scent to the room too!

This white fireplace has two wooden trees flanking the ends of the mantel with lots of other wooden accents and greenery.

Place of my Taste

Having a fire roaring sure helps add a lot of warmth to a room, doesn’t it?!  I love this fireplace, what beautiful stacked stone!  The addition of the wooden tree accents and the green garland (I especially love the way it hangs down) is just so pretty.

This gorgeous white stone mantel has a huge garland hanging from it with lights, pine cones and lots of ribbon.  On the mantel are 4 lanterns and a deer head is mounted on the space above with a garland around the neck.

The Everyday Home

This garland is amazing!!!!  I wonder how in the world she hung it?  It looks rather heavy but man, it really adds a wonderful touch don’t you think?  The matching wreath on the deer head with the simple decor on the hearth.  And just the addition of lanterns on top of the mantel was perfect.  It adds the right touch to go with all the garland.

This mantel is decorated in silver, white and light blues.

Remodelando la Casa

A blue and white Christmas!  I love this, the specific color blue really adds the hint of frost to the room.  If you aren’t into going the traditional red and green route then give something like this a try.

This mantel has garland and a reindeer with tons of pops of red.

Domestically Creative

I chose the side view on this mantel because I just adore the decor she has behind the garland.  The reindeer, the antlers, the wooden tree and the gorgeous berries in the pitcher.  It’s like a woodland wonderland there!

This wood mantel has a garland on it with a deer head mounted on the wall above with tons of red and white.

The Everyday homered

Here we have the same mantel as before but decked out in red and white.  I think it’s stunning!  Again, the garland is amazing and the way she really brings that pop of red into the room is awesome.  I think even the reindeer approves!

this whtie mantel has touches of white and gold.  Above the mantel is a large black picture with the word JOY in all gold.

Blooming Homestead

Gold and white, a wonderful classic color scheme to add a touch of elegance to a room.  Isn’t it amazing how just color can do that?  If you took all that decor on the mantel and did it in red and greens it would feel totally different.  I love a classic gold/silver and white look.

This traditional mantel has poinsettias and skates on the hearth with lots of red candles on the mantel with a garland.

The Kim Six Fix

This might be one of my favorite fireplace mantels here today.  It’s simple and beautiful.  The addition of the poinsettias, ice skates and the pitcher with branches and berries just makes the whole mantel amazing.  This is traditional Christmas mantel decorations at it’s finest!

This white mantel has a garland across the top with lamps flanking the ends and a couple trees, a Santa and a be merry sign.

Green with Decor

I really like this one too, I think it’s the garland.  I like how small it is but the way it sort of drapes down just a little bit is so nice.  Kind of like vines on a trellis in the summer outside.

This mantel is right next to the tree and both have touches of gold and white decor.

Satori Design for Living

Sometimes you have to have your Christmas tree right next to the mantel.  In this case, it’s a great idea to carry the theme you use on the Christmas tree to the mantel so they don’t compete with each other.  In this case, I believe the theme she used is gold and white on the tree and you can see all the decor on the mantel was done in gold and white.

My fireplace is made of stone, goes 16 feet to the ceiling and has a reclaimed wood beam as a mantel which is 11 feet wide.  On it is two strands of garland and 5 stockings with candles flanking a sign that says Farm Fresh Christmas Trees.

This is my mantel.   I used two garlands here because my mantel is 11 feet long! I added fairy lights to the garland for the touch of brightness and the candles help too. So far I have cross-stitched 3 stockings for my family members. I need to finish my youngest daughters and my new son-in-law’s.

The sign above the mantel is a reversible fall/Christmas wood sign that I have a full tutorial on here.

Well, what do you think?  I hope you were able to find lots of inspiration for mantel decorations for Christmas.  Traditional and ones with TVs as well as for those of you who don’t have a fireplace!  

Just get creative and create something that you love.  Because in the end, that’s all that matters, is that you and your family love it!

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Mantel decorations for Christmas pin for Pinterest.

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