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17 Amazing Accent Wall Ideas for 2023

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One of the hottest trends in decorating has got to be accent walls.  Today I have several accent wall ideas you can do in your home to keep up with this hot trend.

Every year I attend the Central Ohio Parade of Homes where you get new ideas in building and decorating.

After attending the Parade of Homes that theory has been confirmed for sure!  I think almost every house had at least one accent wall and most of those walls were behind the master bedroom headboard.

This is an example of different accent wall ideas.

Accent walls don’t just have to be one wall in a room that is painted a different color than the others.  Accent walls are your spot to get creative!  Go a little crazy, it’s only one wall right?!

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What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is when you take one wall in a room and make it look different from the other three. This can be done in a number of ways but the most common ways are with paint, wood, and wallpaper.

Which wall should be the accent wall?

I get asked this a lot. As soon as you create an accent wall it becomes the focal wall in the room.

For the bedroom, the wall behind the headboard is the best wall to use as an accent wall. For the family room, I recommend the accent wall be the one behind the tv.

In a dining room, it’s a little more tricky. For most situations, the long wall is the best but it really depends on your floor plan. If you have any questions about this please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you.

Accent Wall Ideas with Wood

A distillery in a home with a wood accent wall behind it in different colors.

This ladies and gentlemen is a distillery, yes they put a distillery in one of the homes!  Crazy right!?  This is the first time I have seen anything like this.  As you can see in the reflection they put it behind glass…..😂

But how about that cool accent wall behind it?!  I love the different colors of wood, the light-colored ones against the dark make a real statement.

A bar in the home with wood on the bar counter and brick on the wall.

Sorry, this picture is a little fuzzy.  I was trying to showcase the accent wall under the bar!  What a great place to put an accent wall, it’s a small space so whatever you put there won’t break the bank.  

This is also very functional because I don’t know about you but when I sit on a stool, my feet dangle.  I don’t reach the floor.  #shortprobs  So this wood wall protects the drywall from my feet accidentally bumping into it!

A bedroom with a wood wall on the headboard wall.

This is my favorite, it actually was my inspiration for my wood wall that I created for the $100 Room Challenge. I love the texture this wood wall adds to the bedroom.  It contrasts so nicely with the soft feminine headboard.

This is a mudroom with a wood accent wall.

This wood accent wall is small but makes such a big impact!  Right next to all that white paint it really stands out and I love how it really designates the three spaces here.

A family room with shiplap on the wall with a fireplace and it's painted black.

There is always a house with Christmas decorations, I believe it’s the Coppertree Homes house every year.  How about that wood wall though behind the Christmas tree?  It makes such a statement with all the lighter decor.  Dark-painted shiplap is so popular right now!

Accent Wall Ideas with Tile and Brick

A bar with a brick wall on the back and a large deer head hung on it.

You would think tile accent walls would only be in the bathroom right?  Well, there were a ton of accent walls with tile over the bar areas in the homes.  The most popular material was brick!  

I think this one might be my favorites, with the industrial shelves on the brick wall.  I also love that countertop!  On the left side of the picture, you can see the nook where there is a beer tap, they put that same brick inside that nook!

A kitchen counter with gray cabinets and marble on the wall.

Everyone, this is my Mom!  Isn’t she a cutie!  This is from the marble house, there was a ton of marble in this home.  But I love the floating cabinets, with the lighting beneath, and the large marble wall.  

That movement in the marble really draws your eye around the length of the bar.  This is just about one-third of the bar!  

A bar with dark cabinets and brick on the wall.

And here we have Mom again, hi Mom! 🖐  She really liked this bar, it has a lot of character.  I love the brick with the dark cabinets.  Playing off the lighter floors, so pretty!

A bathroom with stacked stone tile on the wall behind the vanity.

This bathroom was stunning.  It was actually in a basement to be used as a guest bathroom.  The stacked stone tile is amazing!  I also love the countertop and the black shower doors!  Lots of different materials throughout this bathroom!

A free standing tub with a shiny tile wall behind it with a window.

Hello!  Bring on the bling!  This tile is stunning! 😍  We all love a little bling and this tile did not dissapoint!  What a show-stopper!

A bathroom with the back wall having a niche with an accented tile.

Here is a great way to add accent wall tile without having to cover the whole wall!  And you can use a more expensive tile here, in case you fell in love with something but couldn’t afford to do it all over the wall, use it here in the nook where you put soaps and shampoo!

Accent Wall Ideas using Wallpaper

A headboard wall with a mural of a football player in black and white.

Is this not the coolest boys’ room you ever saw???  I think it’s every boy’s dream to catch the winning pass and get a touchdown at the Superbowl!  This is a great mural for a boys’ room, you could find them for just about any sport.

A girls bedroom with a floral mural on the headboard wall.

And we go from masculine to feminine.  You don’t get much more feminine than this.  With the floral wallpaper and the blush bedding, the coverlet with pom poms.  Another great example of wallpaper/mural for an accent wall.

Accent Walls with Paint

A girls bedroom with light blue walls and an accent wall with pink and white stripes.

Speaking of feminine, check…this…out!  Such pretty bright colors.  The stripes on the accent wall really bring out the pink in the comforter.  

I think my favorite thing is the sunglasses above the bed and how the lines match perfectly with the paint!  What careful planning!

A nook under the stairs with a chalkboard accent wall.

Hello kids space, what better kind of accent wall for kids is a chalkboard wall!  Let the creativity flow!

A headboard wall with geometric shapes painted on the headboard wall.

I love the neutral color scheme of this painted accent wall.  The geometric shapes leading up to the ceiling really bring your eyes up to that amazing beam!  This is my kind of bedroom, neutral and calm.

A playroom with a dark accent wall painted in the back of the room.

I like how they painted the wall a different color then used the letters in such a large size to create wall art.  It’s simple but effective!  This is a room all about creativity.

We have 16 different accent wall ideas here and only one of them is to paint the wall a solid color.  Use your imagination and go for it!  I can’t wait to see what you do!

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This is an example of different accent wall ideas.
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Marly @ A Brick Home

Sunday 28th of October 2018

Wow! Love these accent wall ideas. There are so many cool ones. I am thinking of making some in my home, and I'm leaning toward wall paper. One upcoming project is creating a toddler room, and I'm thinking of doing something like that feminine floral wallpaper wall. So glad you posted these ideas!! :) Also, hi to your sweet mom!!


Wednesday 31st of October 2018

Oh Marly I think your daughter would love a floral accent wall! And that would leave the nursery open for another baby!!!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.