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My IKEA Kivik Sofa Review

We have had the Kivik sofa in our family for fourteen years now! Yes, that’s right, 14! I am sharing my IKEA Kivik Sofa Review and how it has stood the test of time.

We moved into our last house and set up a TV area for our kids in the basement. It was a full basement and we had a ton of space.

We wanted a space our kids could hang out in and have sleepovers if they wanted. When we moved into our current house I wanted to take the kid’s family room and add a desk for me since I was working from home now.

We decided to get an IKEA Uppland sofa and give our Kivik to our daughter who was moving in with her fiance. She still has that sofa!

How did it work out? Stick around and I will share with you all the pros, cons, and details on this IKEA sofa.

IKEA Kivik Sofa Review

Well, you probably figured that since we have had this sofa in our family for 14 years we must like it. You would have figured right!

Any sofa that you can have in your family for that long is a good sofa. We have had a few different color slip covers but that is more because my daughter wanted a different color and has two large dogs that are couch potatoes.

What configuration did we get?

We got the loveseat with chaise lounges on each end. I wanted our kids to be able to sit on the couch at the same time without being close to one another, lol.

They used to fight a bit when one was in middle school and the other in high school. So we needed something where we could separate them while also being together.

This configuration also allowed for tons of friends to come over and hang out with them.

a basement family room with stained concrete and an Ikea Kivik sofa

This is our family room in our current house. This is an old picture. But you can see the medium gray Kivik with the chaise on each end.

The floor here I stained my self, since this photo I created built-ins on the wall opposite the sofa. They corralled all the stuff you see here and really created a gorgeous room! Oh and I did a reclaimed wood wall around the sliding glass door.

The basement family room with a white desk, white coffee table and built ins with a large sliding glass door.

Here is the room now. We need to replace the sofa but for now it’s all my office!

What are the other options?

This is one of the best things about this sofa, there are so many ways you can configure this sofa and if your needs change you can adapt it to suit those needs!

Here are the options:

  • sofa
  • loveseat
  • sofa/loveseat with chaise
  • 4 seat corner sectional (with or without the chaise)
  • 5 seat corner sectional (with or without the chaise)
  • 6 seat U shaped sectional
  • 1 seat sleeper sofa
  • stand alone chaise

What are the colors available?

Another thing that is great is this sofa comes in so many colors!

  • Gunnared beige
  • Gunnared blue
  • Gunnared light brown-pink
  • Gunnared light green
  • Gunnared medium gray
  • Kelinge gray-turquoise
  • Tallmyra blue
  • Tallmyra dark green
  • Tallmyra light green
  • Tallmyra white/black
  • Tresund light beige
  • Tresund anthracite
  • Tillbleby beige/gray

When we first bought the sofa we got it in Gunnared medium gray. It’s a cool gray and has blue undertones.

When my daughter took the sofa she got a new color for her house to match better. She then got a lighter gray/beige. She needs to get a new one because the dogs have worn out the current one.

A golden retreiver and German Shepphard puppy on a Kivik Sofa.

Here you can see my daughter’s two dogs on the Kivik. The german shepherd is now over 90lbs!

IKEA Kivik Sofa Pros

The Kivik is easy to clean because the covers are removable and can easily be washed. My daughter has had to wash hers a ton because of the dogs, and because she and her husband eat on the couch most of the time.

It is a big sofa with lots of room. If you are tall then you will like the seat on this sofa. Or if you are like me and you like to sit cross-legged on the sofa.

It’s a great sofa and is very comfortable. I have taken naps on it many times. I do like to have a throw pillow for some extra lumbar support, which I need after chasing her two kiddos around all day!

One of the reasons my daughter and her husband like to eat on the couch is because of the arms. They are wide and flat. Perfect for putting a cup of tea or a plate.

A golden retreiver on the arm of a Kivik sofa.

Here is her german shepherd sitting on the arm of the Kivik.

You can’t beat the options in colors and configurations. And the price!

IKEA Kivik Sofa Cons

There aren’t many cons. The only thing I can think of is if you need lots of back support you might now want this sofa. The Uppland might be more your speed.

Sometimes the couch cushion can slide forward, especially on the chaise. So you will have to push it back in place from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to assemble?

No it is not hard to assemble. Most of the time IKEA recommends two people to put their furniture together and for this sofa you do need a partner to connect the pieces. One person can get it to that part easily though.

Is the Kivik Comfortable? Is it comfortable to sleep on?

Yes it’s very comfortable. My best friend visited once with her two teenage boys. The boys slept on the couch and said it was a great sleeping sofa!

Is it easy to clean?

That is what is so great about this sofa, it’s easy to clean! The covers come off and can easily go into your washing machine. I do recommend not putting them in the dryer. Hang to dry so they don’t shrink.

Will the Kivik last a long time?

Well, ours has lasted 14 years now so you tell me! I was just at my daughter’s house and sitting on the sofa was very comfortable. I highly recommend this one specifically for its longevity.

Four adults and two dogs on a Kivik sofa.

This is not the best picture of me! But you can see we have four adults and two large dogs on the Kivik. The golden is really enjoying some cuddle time!

IKEA Kivik Review Recap

So I am sure it’s obvious that I highly recommend this sofa. It has so many more pros and the cons are really just me being nitpicky. Here is a quick review of the IKEA Kivik:

  • Comes in so many colors!
  • Comes in many different configurations
  • Excellent price point
  • Easy to clean
  • Large seats so great for tall people
  • Very comfortable
  • Large flat arms for the use of placing a book, cup, or plate

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An image of the Kivik with a light beige cover and text overlay.

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