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13 Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

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I have put together some of the most beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas for you, I hope you will be inspired. Thanksgiving and the meal is the star of the show! Creating a beautiful backdrop is what we are discussing today.  

Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas pin for Pinterest.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  Anything that is about gathering with friends and family, eating and drinking is what I am all about!

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is great but there is just such a long to-do list that it becomes overwhelming.  That’s what I love about Thanksgiving, it doesn’t matter if one of the dishes burns because there are so many dishes to eat that one less won’t be noticed!  LOL, not that I ever burn anything, or catch anything on fire……just don’t talk to my husband about that.  😆

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Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

I have gathered 13 amazing table setting ideas for Thanksgiving. They are all different but very much in farmhouse style. Each one is amazing!

An old wooden tool box with greenery and white candles.

Cottage at the Crossroads

What I love about this Thanksgiving table setting is simplicity.  You have a vintage tool box, floral stems, and candles.  It’s easy and beautiful.

Dark wood table, black chairs with a galvanized metal tray holding white pumpkins and hydrangeas.

Cherished Bliss

In this photo, I just love the hydrangeas and pumpkins together!  And all the cute little pumpkins on the plates is just the perfect touch.

A gray stained table with blue and white ticking placemats, white dishes and vintage glasses.

Live Laugh Rowe

This is farmhouse all…the…way!  That table for one is STUNNING!  I just love the ticking in the placemats and the cute napkins.  So pretty and simple.

A light colored table with black mismatched chairs, lots of white pumpkins on a tiered tray and light wood candle sticks.

The Weathered Fox

This tablescape is one of my favorites.  If you closely at the candlesticks you will see have amazing wood grain.  And the tiered tray with more pumpkins than you could dream of!  I have a thing for tiered trays for sure.  I love them.

Also, notice the mismatch chairs. Nothing really needs to be perfect for Thanksgiving. Just cozy.

Brown paper on a table with the name of the person written on the table.

Twelve on Main

This one is all in the details.  Not only does she have pumpkins, but pinecones, birch candles and a beautiful white pitcher did also you notice the cotton stems holding the silverware together?  

And not to mention the beautiful writing.  I have been dying to learn modern calligraphy, I actually bought a book to practice.  Now I just need the time to do it!

Another great aspect to this table setting is the cleanup! All you need to do is pull up the brown paper and throw it away and the table is clean!

A gray stained table with large candlesticks with white candles and pumpkins on a stripped runner.

Over the Big Moon

I am over the moon for these candlesticks (see what I did there 😊).  I just love the carved detail.  The plaid leaves, table runner and burlap make for a perfect farmhouse Thanksgiving table setting.

A white table runner with eucalyptus and white pumpkins.

Making it in the Mountains

Eucalyptus is so popular in home decor right now.  I love this table runner, with the addition of the eucalyptus and white pumpkins, this is the perfect example of Neutral Table setting Ideas!

Gray and white placemats holding galvanized metal chargers and white plates with vintage wine glasses.

Satori Design for Living

Another Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape with stripes, or ticking as it’s called.  This table looks like it’s ready for guests right now!  I could go for some stuffing right about now, how about you?

A light colored table with a cake plate holding a burlap covered pumpkin and two light wood candlesticks with white candles.

Little Red Brick House

This is a pretty neutral tablescape but I love the greenery, that’s my favorite part.  It really adds that special touch.

A white distressed table with a dark brown dough bowl that is holding different colored pumpkins and gourds.

Making Manzanita

She actually made each one of those pumpkins.  Okay, she didn’t make the pumpkins, she got some colorful ones from the dollar store and painted…so she created the beautiful pumpkins you see here.  I love them placed in the dough bowl.

A white table with a small dough bowl that is holding dried hydrangeas.

Loveland Lodge

Hydrangeas again didn’t I mention how much I love them!  They work with everything.  In this dough bowl with the wine corks are just perfect for Thanksgiving.  I also love the hanging jars, the amber color really makes them special.

A black table with a white and gray stripped table runner and a light wood candlestick.

The Inspired Hive

The natural elements here really shine.  I also REALLY love the pumpkins on the plates.  They are like mercury glass and I want to DIY some for sure.

A wood table with a wood box and different colored pumpkins.

Refresh Restyle

More great natural elements, I just love it.  And let’s talk about that paint color!  It’s so pretty!  And this farmhouse table is perfect for the natural Thanksgiving table setting.

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Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas pin for Pinterest.

I hope you found some great Thanksgiving table setting ideas here for your own Thanksgiving table.  I highly suggest you pin it for later, just so can come back and look at it later.

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