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19 Amazing Farmhouse Laundry Rooms You Will Want to do Laundry In!

Today I have put together 19 Inspirational Farmhouse Laundry Rooms for you to get ideas from and make your laundry room a nice room to spend time in.

What is the most forgotten room in the house when you think of decorating….the laundry room!  It’s a room that only you and your family sees but if you have children then you spend a decent amount of time in there.

Farmhouse laundry rooms pin for Pinterest.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your laundry room is.  You can make high style in even the smallest of spaces.  Below you will see Farmhouse Laundry Rooms both big and small, expensive and cheap, and all across the board great ideas for you to incorporate into your space.

Farmhouse Laundry Rooms

Modern Farmhouse Style was made popular by none other than Joanna Gains. Some elements of farmhouse style are wood on the walls, black and white design, warm wood, and simple clutter-free spaces.

Rooms with Wood Wall Treatments

White laundry rom with shiplap and subway tile that has a painted folding table with a wood top.
Source Twelve on Main

You want farmhouse style, lets look here….we have shiplap, painted wood furniture with a stained wood top, wire laundry baskets, open shelving and a stunning farmhouse light fixture.  Not to mention a sweet plant, a fiddle leaf fig.  Sara from Twelve on Main has the most stunning farmhouse laundry room.

This laundry room has beadboard about 2/3 the way up the walls and green paint on the top 1/3.  There is a wood top over the washer and dryer with a curtain hung in front of it.
Source: An Oregon Cottage

I love the space Jami created over at An Oregon Cottage.  The wainscoting is amazing!  I also love the wood counter, I am in the market for creating a wood counter for a room in my house.

This laundry room has white cabinets above a wood topped washer and dryer and shiplap on the perpendicular wall.
Source: Timeless Creations

There is so much I love about this laundry room but the best part in my opinion is the sink.  The Mother/Daughter duo of Vicki and Kristen at Timeless Creations really did an amazing job on their project for the $100 Room Challenge.  They wrapped this sink in wood!  Those ugly utility sinks are really an eyesore but not this one!  Other farmhouse touches are the shiplap, the metal light fixture, the vintage wood box, and the farmhouse laundry sign.

This room has shiplap on the far wall with a laundry co. sign and a wood shelf over the washer and dryer.
Source: Organized Squirrel

This renovation is brand new!  My friend Gabby over at Organized Squirrel  just finished this and I for one am stunned at how it turned out.  I LOVE the floor!!!  This is a beautiful tile.  And I really love the cabinet color too!  Most people would have probably gone white but Gabby went with a beautiful green color.  Way to go Gabby!!!  I love it!

Rooms with Patterned Floors

This laundry room has gray painted cabinets and a wood shelf above the washer dryer and a farmhouse sign that says laundry sucks.
Source: Cherished Bliss

Laundry Sucks, well said Ashley!  I love love love this room. These floors are my favorite of any room ever!  I love the light wood color and of course, that sign!  Thanks Cherished Bliss for the inspiration!

This laundry room has lavender painted cabinetry and subway tile behind the washer/dryer.
Source: Houseful of Handmade

I love my fellow $100 Room Challengers!  Katie at Houseful of Handmade created a colorful farmhouse laundry room.  These cabinets are gorgeous!  And those floors, she painted them….yes thats right, painted them!  So cool.  I think she did a great job.

Rooms with Farmhouse Signs

This laundry room has white painted walls with wood floors and an ironing board hanging on the wall next to a laundry farmhouse sign.
Source: The Inspired Hive

Nicole at The Inspired Hive has a gorgeous laundry room.  I could do laundry in here allll day long!  The light fixture has all the farmhouse feels.  So does the flooring, the laundry baskets, the shelves, and decor.  That is why I shared this photo, you can see the washer and dryer on the right of the photo, this is by far the best part of the laundry room.

This laundry room has the signs wash and dry on the machines, shelving above that holds laundry supplies and artwork in the shape of socks.
Source: DIY Beautify

What is your favorite part of this room?  Mine is hands down the Hey Good Lookin sign!  I mean seriously who doesn’t need a little pick me up when you are churning through a weeks worth of laundry!  Cindy at DIY Beautify knocked it out of the park here.

This laundry room has white cabinets, a wood shelf above the machines and cafe curtains in a stripe pattern on the window.
Source: Worthing Court Blog

Suzy at Worthing Court Blog has a stunning farmhouse laundry room.  I absolutely adore those curtains!  And I love how she took that stripe and carried it through the room with the canisters on the shelf and the baskets on top of the cabinets.  Nice job Suzy!

This all white laundry room has lots of storage in cabinets and shelving with wire laundry baskets next to the machines.
Source: Making the World Cuter

Tiffany at Making the World Cuter has such a pretty laundry room.  The hello sign really stands out.  I have been hunting for these signs lately so maybe that’s why.  The farmhouse decor is so pretty but I also love the laundry baskets!

A laundry room with painted cabinets, wood shelves and a laundry co. sign hanging on the wall.
Source: The Frugal Homemaker

Christina over at The Frugal Homemaker has created the best farmhouse laundry room sign I have ever seen, I especially love the self serve part!  😂

This laundry room has wood laid over the wire shelves and baskets for organization with a laundry farmhouse sign.
Source: Lemons, Lavender and Laundry

My friend Erin over at Lemons, Lavender and Laundry  created this laundry room for $85.  Yes, that’s right….$85.  Erin is the creator of the $100 Room Challenge and such an inspiration.  I personally got directions on how to make this laundry room sign which I did for my own farmhouse laundry room.  Erin also has those white wire shelves here which she created wood shelves to cover.

This laundry room has gray and white stripes on the wall, white shelving and a laundry farmhouse sign.
Source: My Life on Kaydeross Creek

This is a great example of creating a farmhouse laundry room on a budget.  You can add stripes, a vintage wash board, a diy laundry sign and last but not least….some black brackets with white shelves.  All great farmhouse accents.

This laundry room has white walls, white subway tile, white counters and gray cabinets.
Source: the Definery Co.

Megan over at the Definery Co is another $100 Room Challenge participant.  She has an amazing laundry room, it’s so big!  My favorite thing she did here is the subway tile.  Can you believe it’s actually wallpaper!  I know…..mind blown right!  You can get this at Target, it’s actually peel and stick wallpaper.  So frickin cool!

More Farmhouse Laundry Rooms

This is a laundry sink with a sign above for lost socks and pins, as well as white cabinets above.
Source: Jenron Designs

This is my friend Jennifer’s laundry room. She blogs over at Jenron Designs.  This is actually the backside of her laundry room.  If you were to turn around you would see her washer and dryer.  This is my favorite part though, I love the rolling laundry cart, the stainless steel farmhouse sink, and the lost socks art.  So cool!!!!

This laundry closet has blue and white striped baskets on wood shelves for storage as well as a large paisley artwork on the wall.
Source: Loveland Lodge

Jenn over at Loveland Lodge has my heart.  We both have very similar laundry rooms, they are more like laundry closets!  But small spaces can make a big impact and I think this laundry room is no exception.  I love the fabric on the wall art and the colors she used.

This laundry room has a wood counter with a fabric curtain hiding the machines.  The cabinet doors have chicken wire for fronts.
Source: Domestic Imperfection

Ashley at Domestic Imperfection was very unique with her farmhouse laundry.  I love the way she covered the washer and dryer, it’s a great way to hide something that is potentially an eye sore.  I also love the chicken wire she used in the cabinet doors.  That was really cool!

this white laundry room has a large wire laundry basket and old time washboards hung on the wall.
Source: Jersey Girl in the South

Tracy over at Jersey Girl in the South (hey from one Jersey girl to another 👋 ) has a beautiful farmhouse laundry room.  My favorite part, the sliding barn door!  I am so in love with this door!!!!!!  I also love the farmhouse decor on the walls.

This laundry room has a wood counter, striped rug and wood shelves with starburst baskets.
Source: Charleston Crafted

There are so many things I love about this farmhouse laundry room.  Morgan at Charleston Crafted has created a beautiful and colorful space.  That rug is so pretty and I love the string art work!  The mint colored cabinetry is so pretty too!  Well done Morgan!

My Laundry Room

My white farmhouse laundry room with silver door handles, a wood shelf above the dryer with a laundry sign.
Farmhouse style laundry room with a galvanized bucket on the wall to collect lint.

And last but not least is my laundry room!  I created this farmhouse laundry room for the $100 Room Challenge last January.  The biggest thing I did to add farmhouse appeal is adding shiplap.  That also really brightened up the room. The decor pieces I chose also added that farmhouse style.

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Farmhouse style laundry room pin for Pinterest.

I hope you got some inspiration from these Farmhouse Laundry Rooms. It doesn’t have to be the main room to deserve a makeover. Little rooms like this will make you so happy if you make them pretty!

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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