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22 Stunning Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas

I have put together 22 different porches for you to get Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas from.

What does the term “porch” mean to you?  It probably depends on where you live.  Porches in the South are different from them in the North and to the West.  Today I have tons of great ideas no matter where you live on how to decorate your front porch for summer.

Summer front porch decorating ideas pin for Pinterest.

The term “porch” to me has a lot of different meanings.  I am what you call an Army brat.  My Dad was in the Army when I was born.  I was born at Wm. Beaumont Hospital in El Paso, Tx but my parents were stationed at White Sands, NM.  Roughly sixty minutes away, but that was the closest Army hospital with an OB unit.

I have lived in New Mexico, Alabama, Germany, Dayton OH, Florida, New Jersey, California, and Columbus, Ohio!  #GoBucks!

I can appreciate that in the South, front porch sittin is almost a religion!

In the North, the front porch is merely a meeting point, a place to welcome guests.  Normally in the North, the backyard is where all the outdoor entertaining is done!

Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas

I have compiled a bunch of great porches, both front/back and screened in (not gonna lie, I would absolutely LOVE to have a screened-in porch!).  So let’s get to it!

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

A small front porch with a light blue door and colorful rug with ferns and purple flowers.
Source: The Happy Housie

Krista at The Happy Housie has a beautiful front porch.  It’s not the biggest I have seen but I am in love with the color of her front door, the coastal colors and that front door wreath!!!!  OMG. so pretty.  Small can make a big impression.

A brick house with a navy front door and yellow flowered wreath.
Source: Our Home Made Easy

Brittany at Our Home Made Easy did a great job if bringing in contrasting colors and making them work!  That is something I struggle with, I can definitely take some pointers from her!

A front porch with a wood bench and white throw pillows with plants and lanterns.

Farmhouse Style is the go to for Little Red Brick House.  The window on the brick, the farmhouse bench!!!  Hello!  I love this, it says welcome in so many ways.

A front door with an arbor leading up to it and lots of greenery.
Source: Nourish and Nestle

This space is like my dream come true!  Lynn at Nourish and Nestle has such a beautiful front porch it’s like a fairy tale!  I love the pots, the welcome sign on the piece of slate and OMG….that ivy in an arch!  😍

A front porch with a bright light blue door and a sign that says hi.
Source Tater Tots and Jello

The color of this front porch just makes you happy!  Jen from Tater Tots and Jello just nailed it!  The color of the front door is so pretty and seems to be the jumping point for all the other colors she uses.  And the complementary colors of the pink flowers, the yellow pom-poms all get tied together with the rug.

A front porch that is elevated with lots of steps and flower pots on each step on either side.
Source: Sweet Parrish Place

These types of front porches are really tough to decorate because they are long and narrow.  It’s hard to create a seating space but Amy of Sweet Parrish Place did a nice job of having a chair to park but incorporating lots of nice accessories to make it inviting.

Backyard and Screened-In Porches

A screened in porch with beige furniture and pops of red in the decor.
Source: Cottage At The Crossroads

Leo and Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads have put together such a cozy porch.  I love all the palm trees, I have a thing for palms.  I also love how they used the doors to establish the “walls” of the outdoor room. What a neat idea!

Wooden box planters with boxwood plants in them and white rocking chairs.
Source: Twelve On Main

Sara from Twelve on Main created a beautiful Farmhouse Style Porch.  I could spend many hours on that porch swing!  I dream of having a porch swing!!!  And those wood planters are soooo cool!  This is an awesome porch!

Large Porch Decorating Ideas

Wicker furniture with navy blue cushions and orange flowers in navy and white pots.
Source: Duke Manor Farm

Laura from Duke Manor Farm has outdone herself here.  These chairs were not this color the year before, she painted them!!  I love how she went with the navy/orange/white look here.  Very classic and timeless.

A front porch with black urns that house ferns and rocking chairs.

at Our Southern Home has captured my heart here.  I love the ferns, the brick, the dark shutters that match the dark rattan chairs.  The chairs that have the light-colored cushions with the colorful throws, and that striped rug!  

What does the term "porch" mean to you?  It probably depends on where you live.  Porches in the South are different from them in the North and to the West.  Today I have put together 22 different porches for you to get Summer Porch Decorating Ideas from.

Kristi from Making it in the Mountains has a lovely front porch.  This is the left side, on the right is her front door and she has lots of plants in pots that lead you right to the door.  Here on the left, she has an amazing seating area that is styled just beautifully!

A light blue front door with lots of colorful decor in the pillows, table and pots on the front porch.
Source: Paint Yourself a Smile

Jenny from Paint Yourself a Smile did an amazing job of incorporating lots of colors here and because she repeated the colors all over with the door, flowers, and decor….it works perfectly!  I especially love the red sewing cabinet next to the door with the flowers on top!

A front porch with metal chairs and geometric throw pillows that are multi-colored.
Source: 3 Little Greenwoods

Ashley at 3 Little Greenwoods did an amazing job of mixing patterns in these pillows!  I love how they look with the rug, fern, and black chairs.  And if you look you will see the blue pot and red door in the back of the picture.  She incorporates color and repeats it throughout!

A brick paved front porch and light blue door with two black urns flanking the door.
Source: Worthing Court Blog

I love everything about Suzy’s front porch (from Worthing Court Blog).  I love the brick pavers, the gorgeous urns and that wreath is made from seed packets!  Isn’t that cute!

Wrought Iron Chairs that are painted bright pink with flowers on top next to a lantern on a paver patio.
Source: Fresh Idea Studio

You can find rought iron furniture like this at almost every nursery or garden center.  If you happen to pick one up and want to add a little pizazz to your porch try painting it like Therese from Fresh Idea Studio did!

A black rocking chair with a galvanized olive basket next to it with a bottle of wine and a glass.
Source: Reinvented

Kimm from Reinvented has such an amazing style.  I love how the black rockers contrast against the White House.  The pillow on the rocker is so colorful and the touch of farmhouse style with the end table is awesome!  The wine doesn’t hurt either!

Two brown chairs with beige cushions and a table in between with flowers on it.
Source: Kleinworth Co

This furniture is so cute, and comfy….would you like to know how I know?  I have this furniture on my back deck only the cushions are a different color!  I love how she took the neutral furniture and made a color full space with accessories.  Nice job Gina!  (From Kleinworth and co.)

A front porch with black chairs and green cushions and a geometric rug with lots of pots with flowers.
Source: My Life From Home

Amy from My Life from Home has taken a boring square front porch and created an inviting sitting space that just beckons!  I think black furniture was a perfect decision, totally goes with the house and shutters.  LOVE the rug and all the pops of color.  So pretty Amy!

Patriotic Front Porches

Here we have two adirondac chairs with a side table in between and flags sticking out the top of it.
Source: House of Hawthornes

Going Patriotic is always a great idea in the Summer!  Pam over at House of Hawthornes did a great job of incorporating color with the chairs, flowers and I am loving the flags in the old piece of pottery!  #Americana right there!

A blue front door with a tiered planter next to it with flags in the top planter.
Source Mad in Crafts

Like I said, can’t go wrong with a patriotic porch!  I just love what Jessica from Mad in Crafts did with this step ladder!  What a cute way to display flowers and that sign on the front door!  LOVE IT!

A patriotic front porch with lots of red white and blue in the pillows on the white bench and bunting on the console table.
Source: Atta Girl Says

I love the patriotic look of Amy’s front porch over at Atta Girl Says.  Don’t you feel like having a seat, sipping a cold drink and having a cookie? This porch is so welcoming!  I also love those cute mason jars and the colored sand is so cute!

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Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas pin from Pinterest.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed and got some Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas.  I know I did and I will be incorporating lots of things from each one into mine this year!

Summer front porch decorating ideas pin from Pinterest.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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