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23 DIY Winter Wreath Ideas

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I love to have a new wreath for each season. Usually, I don’t want to use the same one from Christmas all through winter (although many times you can). I like to change things up so here are 23 DIY Winter Wreath Ideas to inspire you to hang something new and fun on your front door.

I love making wreaths. There is something so satisfying about creating something out of nothing and if you have some basic supplies you can really create something special.

The front door is a great place to change up your decor for different seasons and holidays. Your guests will notice, so will your neighbors.

So I reached out to all my friends and I will bring you my DIY winter wreath as well as all of theirs to show you all the amazing things you can do.

What do you put in a winter wreath?

What is great about the answer to this question is that what you put in it is totally up to you! You can take your quest from Mother Nature and use some things that you would find in nature this time of year.

You can also upcycle things like old blankets, sweaters, or scarves and use them. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Where do you hang a winter wreath?

The obvious place is on your front door but there are so many other places you can hang a wreath. I love to hang them on the inside of a door, especially if it’s a flat panel door.

I love hanging wreaths on mirrors and metal scrollwork too. I also hang a winter wreath on this inside of my downstairs sliding glass door. The view in winter isn’t always as pretty so I hang a wreath to give us something pretty to look at.

DIY Winter Wreath Ideas

I hope you love all the wonderful Winter Wreath Ideas as much as I do. What’s great is you can put a wreath almost anywhere, they aren’t just for the front door.

Other DIY Wreath Ideas:

A grid of four winter wreaths with text overlap pin for Pinterest.
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