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The Best Wood Stains for Whitewood

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If you are working on a project and want to know how different stains look on whitewood then you are in the right place! I tried 20 different colors and am sharing all the results with you here today for the best wood stains for whitewood.

Whitewood is readily available at local home improvement stores and it’s also pretty cheap. That’s my favorite kind of wood to work with!

Each photo you will see has not been altered in any way except for me to add text so you know which color is which. I took the photos in the sunshine on a white background so nothing would alter the undertones in the wood stain.

Nine of my favorite wood stains for whitewood and text overlay.

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What is whitewood?

Whitewood is a light-colored, soft wood that is available at most home improvement stores. It’s cheap because it’s usually wood that has something wrong with it.

For example, it might be warped or bent.

Most often whitewood is either some type of pine, but it could be aspen or balsam. It all depends on where you live.

Can whitewood be stained?

Absolutely whitewood can be stained! It takes stain differently so it’s important to prep it correctly.

Because it’s cheap wood staining it will make it look like more expensive wood.

Does whitewood stain easily?

Yes, it does. I highly encourage you to use wood conditioner to prep the wood so the stain doesn’t come out blotchy.

You will see in my photos below that whitewood can be stained very dark. It’s actually the lighter colors that don’t take too well. Then again whitewood is already pretty light so if you want a light color then you really don’t need to stain.

How do you stain whitewood darker?

If you want a color to be darker on whitewood then all you need to do is use a wood conditioner before staining. If one coat of stain doesn’t give you the dark color you are looking for then after it’s dry add another coat of stain.

Adding additional coats will darken the color and help you achieve the look you want.

The Best Light Stains for Whitewood

Out of all the 20 different colors, I tried here are the lightest (excluding white). Weathered Oak didn’t really do anything on whitewood but Special Walnut gave it more of a wood look. I like the way Special Walnut came out.

Two of the best light stains for whitewood with text overlay.

The Best Medium Stains for Whitewood

Now we are talking! I really like how these colors came out on whitewood.

The only one here that I didn’t love was Dark Walnut. Maybe if I had used wood conditioner it would have looked better but I really like the way the others turned out. I especially like the way Provincial looked.

Four of the best medium stains for whitewood and text overlay.

The Best Dark Stains for Whitewood

Check out how nicely these dark colors turned out! I personally love Jacobean (it’s my favorite stain color). Espresso also came out really well here.

Four of the best dark wood stains for whitewood and text overlay.

The Best White Stains for Whitewood

I included these stains but as you can see they really did nothing. Why put a white stain on whitewood? Seems a bit redundant to me.

Two of the best white wood stains for whitewood and text overlay.

The Best Gray Stains for Whitewood

My favorite gray stain is Minwax Classic Gray and you can see by this photo that it’s the only one that showed up gray at all. It’s a gorgeous color and stains almost any wood really well.

Five of the best gray stains for whitewood and text overlay.

The Best Black Stains for Whitewood

Varathane Classic Black really was the best in terms of pigment. The others really didn’t do much. If you wanted more of a black color then I suggest adding a few more coats.

Three of the best black stains for whitewood and text overlay.

The Best Wood Stains for Whitewood

And here are the favorites! Personally, my choice for whitewood would be Jacobean, Provincial, and Classic Gray.

I know that all the best ones here are all Minwax and that was not intentional. I personally feel Minwax has better pigment than Varathane.

Nine of the best wood stains for whitewood and text overlay.

Well I hope you got some ideas on what stain colors you want to use on your whitewood project. There are a lot of great ones here and I think you can’t go wrong with almost any of them!

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