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My Top 10 Favorite Places to Shop for Inexpensive Home Decor

There are a ton of different places to shop for home decor.  There are so many websites and brick and mortar stores….it seems like everyone is getting into the industry.  Getting good quality, inexpensive home decor is more of a challenge but I am here today to share with you my top 10 favorite places to shop for inexpensive home decor.

My Top 10 Favorite places to shop pin for Pinterest.

Let’s break this up into two categories, real stores vs. virtual stores.  

There is something to be said about going shopping and seeing an item in person, touching it and see how big or small it is.  Maybe that makes me old but I really enjoy the experience of going shopping.  

Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time.  So thank goodness for the internet.  I will share my favorite 5 brick and mortar stores and 5 online stores.

*This post contains affiliate links.  For more details see my full disclosure.

Brick and Mortar Stores

1.  My all-time favorite place to shop for home decor is Kirkland’s.  If we were to do a tour around my house you would see that 75% of the items are from Kirkland’s.  

My Mom and I were devastated about 5 years ago when the two stores in Columbus both closed!  We had to go all the way to Cleveland or Cincinnati to find a Kirkland’s.  About a two-hour drive each way for either store.  Talk about an all-day shopping trip!  

Now we are lucky enough to have two brand new stores in Columbus and we couldn’t be more delighted to have them back.  Even though my Mom texts me pictures every time she goes to one to show me all the cute stuff!  😏  Must be nice to be retired!  LOL  

Kirkland’s does have an online presence too and you can sign up for their email program and they will send you sale information as well as coupons.  Here is a recent purchase I made, a clock for my mantle which you can see here.

My stone fireplace with reclaimed wood mantel and oversized black and gold clock hanging on the stone.

2.  I think most people would say that their top store is Home Goods.  I agree, they are fabulous and they seem to be countrywide, whereas Kirkland’s is very spotty where their stores are.  

Here’s the thing about Home Goods, if you see something you really like BUY IT!  They change their merchandise very often and what you see one day will not be what they have another.  

I have learned this the hard way.  Oh, but the bargains they have at Home Goods.

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3.  IKEA, oh yeah…..I know some of you are saying heck yesssss!  And some of you are not.  If you have an IKEA near you then you know they have a multitude of home decor items.  

I am not talking about furniture, yes they have that.  You can check out my daughter’s amazing IKEA desk.  On the lower level, they have all the “stuff” that they show in the upper-level room displays.  I personally love their faux plants, dishes, glasses as well as lighting.  

If you have to travel to IKEA, make it an all-day trip.  They’ve got you covered….they have a restaurant, play place for kids, ice cream, and other snacks near the checkout.  They sooo know what they are doing!

4.  Kohl’s is not just a clothing store.  In the back, they have an entire home section that will shock you!  

They have tons of throw pillows, seasonal decor, and lots of wall art that they carry year-round.  Last week I was there and purchased a fall candle from their Sonoma brand, I LOVE it!

And if you have a Kohl’s card, well you know…the coupons, the Kohl’s cash…..It can become a problem.  😂  But seriously, they always have coupons, you should never pay full price for anything there.  

You could completely decorate your home by shopping at Kohl’s.  And they also have an online presence if you care to look.

5.  Last but not least is Tuesday Morning.  If you are lucky enough to have one close then you know how much trouble you can get into when you shop there!  LOL… Seriously, ours is right by the grocery store.  

I am always saying to myself, why did I stop here, why didn’t I just go to the grocery store!!!!  Tuesday Morning is a lot like Home Goods in that you need to buy an item you see there if you really like it.  Their stock changes frequently as well, especially with the seasons.

A cutting board that says gather and love that I bought at Tuesday Morning leaning agains my white subway tile backsplash.


I won’t mention any of the above stores, even though most of them do have an online presence.  I will share with you 5 other stores that I love to shop at on the internet.

1. Wayfair is my number 1!!!  

I purchased my corner cabinet for my powder room and the console table that I have in my entryway from Wayfair. The quality of these furniture pieces really impressed me, as well as the ease of assembly.

I also purchased a couple of rugs from Wayfair and they ended up not working for my entryway (my doors are very low profile and the rug was too thick). I had to return them and it was so simple!

They have so much inventory at Wayfair, when they say “you have just what I need” they mean it.  

One of my favorite things to do is look for things that I need then save them to my idea books.  That way you can go back to what you liked the last time you searched without going through thousands of items.  So COOL!  

Here is a view of my new chandelier in my family room. I got it on Wayday and saved several hundred dollars! Keep an eye out for that sale, it’s a big one.

My family room with a wagon wheel chandelier hanging from my vaulted ceiling and a stone fireplace and reclaimed wood beam mantel.

2. is another great online resource for quality merchandise at a fraction of the cost.  

I think they have everything at Overstock!  The only thing is they seem to change stock from time to time so if you see something you like for a good price, get it.  

When my kids were little I got them comforters from Overstock.  They were so cute, I wish I had a picture of them to show you.  

3.  Amazon… seriously, need I say more!  They have everything including free two-day shipping with Prime membership!  It’s just sooo good!!!  The prices are phenomenal.  

One time I found a hanging flower hanger in a catalog that was sold out.  I searched Amazon and they had it and for a better price.  NO JOKE!  Here is a picture of it:

My fall dining room with a hanging vase on the wall with orange flowers in them.

4.  I also love an online store called AllModern.  I purchased a light fixture there for my old house and it was awesome!  

They are owned by the same company as Wayfair I think so maybe they should be lumped into the same category but I think that same company also owns Joss and Main and I haven’t been too impressed with them.  They are a little pricier.  

AllModern has a huge selection of home decor, especially lighting options, and you can’t go wrong with the prices.

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5.  Again, last but not least is Etsy.  There are several reasons I love Etsy.  

I love supporting small business owners….that is just so special.  I also like that you can get in touch with them easily, not like ordering from a big business.  

Many items on Etsy can be personalized or sized just for what you want/need.  I bought some iron legs for my Ash tree cookie table and they are amazing!  Great quality and a very reasonable price.  

My daughter ordered her monogram and some other words to decorate her planner and car window.  They came so quickly and were of excellent quality.  When in doubt, try Etsy!

My wood stump side table with hairpin legs I bought from ETSY.

Okay, so there are your options.  Of course, there are thousands of stores out there and they all have amazing merchandise but these are a few of my favorites for buying items on a budget.  I hope you are able to find what your heart desires!  Happy shopping 🤗

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Kenyatta Harris

Thursday 17th of August 2017

We've had a Tuesday morning for years and I just discovered it last year. Love that place!


Thursday 17th of August 2017

Hi Kenyatta, me too!


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Great suggestions, can't wait to check out the online stores that I hadn't shopped at before. Would love to have the other stores like Kirkland's, and Tuesday Morning but alas, not available here yet. The light fixture and your table are really perfect!


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Thanks Lisa, you will have to take a trip here and we can go shopping;)

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