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5 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Summer Front Porch

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It’s finally warm outside and I am so excited to bring you my easy steps to help you make your summer front porch fabulous!

My black planters with a fern in them next to the front door.

Mother Nature was not kind to us this spring. Typically the rule of thumb in Ohio is to wait to plant flowers until after Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, the freezing nights lasted almost a week after.

I was honestly worried that the nurseries were going to be all picked over when I went but that wasn’t the case. I guess most people decided to wait to plant as I did.

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Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas

I kind of have a formula for decorating my porch. The details vary depending on the season but I like to layer all my elements one at a time.

Step 1 – Clean

The first thing I do is give everything a good cleaning. I remove all the furniture and planters, then wash down everything. The amount of pollen everywhere always shocks me!

Once the porch floor is washed down and dry I gave it a coat of paint. During the winter this porch takes a beating from my dog. We don’t use the back door much because it’s on the second floor and the stairs get slick with snow and ice.

The amount of little doggie footprints on the floor were crazy! Once I get it all cleaned the paint freshens it all up. It only takes about an hour and a half.

The empty front porch just after I painted the floor.

Step 2 – Add the furniture and door mat

Once it’s all clean I brought in my new front porch planters. I love the ferns in them. Since this space gets no sunlight ferns are the perfect plant for this spot.

The front porch empty except for the two black planters flanking the front door.

I finished up the front door with my layered floor mats and my DIY hydrangea wreath.

The summer front porch with layered rugs, one in black and white and the other a welcome mat.
The front door with layered rugs, a diy hydrangea wreath and ferns flanking the front door.

Now I add the bench to its place under my DIY Wooden American Flag. I just love this flag. It hangs all year round.

The summer front porch with the added black metal bench.

The Final Step – Add Decor

Now I add the decor. I add a pillow to the bench, a side table with a faux succulent, a lantern and a welcome sign.

Summer front porch showing my farmhouse welcome sign next to the door and the planters with ferns and pink impatiens.

You can also see my pretty flowers that I added to the urns on the front steps.

Front porch with lots of black accents and a diy wooden american flag on the garage wall.
The black porch planter with a fern and a welcome sign.

As you can see Lilly approves of the front porch!

My dog on the front stpes next to the urns with pink impatiens.

Other Summer Decorating Ideas:

summer front porch decorating ideas pin for Pinterest.

I hope you like my summer front porch! Decorating for summer is so fun with all the fun colors. I would love to see what you do with your summer front porch!

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